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The estate

Luxury hotel in the Basque Country

a time out of time

Can such breathtaking beauty be taken in at once?

It stretches out freely at our feet – a gift, given totally and unabashed.

Follow the pristine mountain stream, while climbing to the crest, take an ever narrowing path to be sure that you have finally arrived:

Auberge Ostape

Before your very eyes: a sea of hills, an earthly swell tectonically fixed for centuries and to last for centuries yet to come.

A vast green wave, rolling in sweetness and stroked by the warming sun, coloured only rarely by a few red-tiled roofs and a countless number of white dots which are Basque sheep.

In the distance, an even higher mountain ridge tinted in mauve, the emerald green bursting forth in sheer silence.

The forests here are gorgeous, with firs, chestnuts, beech, and oak trees, the symbol of the Basque Country that can be found on both sides of the Pyrenees. Many oak trees have their sturdy roots in Ostapé, a name that literally means " in the shadow of the oak tree".

Porcini mushrooms grow profusely at the foot of the oak trees fed by the rain and the sun. Local roads make it easy to cut down ferns, gorse and brooms. There are trails that weave their way through the rocky hillside.

Upon arrival, guests leave their car at the stables, and are given a golf cart to circulate on the property.

the heated swimming pool,
sauna, hammam,
the gym,
the massage room,
the jacuzzi,

are at your disposal and guarantee to a moment of relaxation and serenity.

The Water

It is under the 45 ha property that Ostape spring water draw its exceptional mineral composition.

Ostape water, a modern and eco-friendly initiative is often control in our catchment area, it is micro-filtered thanks to SAFE technology, it is one of the plenty of solution we have to contribute to a sustainable development.

We serve it still or sparkling, at the desired temperature. It is also available to take away.

Ostape water is Basque water.

O de Ostape

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